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Mod Post: Oh Dear, Hiatus...

Well, well, it's almost been a year since Keebler Elf and I started this community, and sadly enough, we've been averaging only a posting every two months? It's a sad, but true fact. Unfortunately, both she and I are university students, with far too many things going on in our lives, and we never expected that modding for a community could be time-consuming. Not only that, Keebler Elf is currently out of the country on an exchange trip, so that will no doubt affect her posting as well.

Anyway, I just thought I'd apologize for the utter lack of activity going on around here. I promise that I'll try to pick up the pace, starting from within the next few days.

Chapter Three promises tons of new things to consider, so let's get our pens and highlighters out, and ready ourselves for a critical reading!

Ready, go!